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Overview Of HDVCI Technolgy

  • HDCVI means High Definition Composite Video Interface.
  • HDCVI is a video transmission technology via coaxial cable in high definition, allowing reliable long-distance HD transmission at lower cost, while complex deployment is applicable.
  • HDCVI offers following Resolutions:
    1920H - 1920 X 1080 which compatible with industrial standard 1080p.
    1280H - 1280 X 720 which compatible with industrial standard 720p.
  • HDCVI solution incorporates both cameras and DVRs, and the system is star topology structured inwhich DVR is served as a node to have an over coax P2P (Point-to-Point) transmission to camera.
  • HDCVI installation is exactly the same as that of conventional analog devices, which posts no special requirements.
  • Therefore, HDCVI is an optimal solution for megapixel high definition application, featuring non-latent long-distance transmission at lower cost.


  • Longer Transmission Distance
    Both HDCVI and HD-SDI can transfer HD signal @720p/1080p, but HDCVI has a distinguished advantage at the transmission distance. With general transmission media, HD-SDI reaches 100 meters at most while HDCVI, at least, transmits 500 meters by using 75-3 cable and featuring low signal distortion rate.

  • Distance CVI vs SDI
  • Better Anti-Interference Capability
    The anti-interference capability of HD-SDI solution is relatively poor when been placed against high-frequent radiation environment, which could lead to higher bit error ratio while the HDCVI adopts low-frequency modulation technology, making it free from the high-frequency wireless electric radiation to ensure stable video transmission at high image quality.
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    HDCVI adopts P2P transmission to ensure a smooth and reliable transmission; while the transmission of network camera is based on Ethernet and thus may lead to network jitter and packet loss.
    Real-time The network HD features video buffer technology and the delay is controlled within 300 milliseconds in the general and fair networking environment; However, HDCVI features no latency capability for an outstanding real-time performance.
    No Compression For HDCVI, there is no compression processed to maintain its original eect and thus present in vivid image quality.


    Benefits of HDCVI Technology

    Lower Cost
    Unlike HD-SDI, which posts high demands on cabling and installation; HDCVI solution inherits the same installing means of conventional analog solutions, which is of great convenience and also decrease the cost.
    Smart Control As HDCVI transmits multiple-signal (video/audio and dual-way data) over one cable, it realizes video/audio synchronized transmission and reverse-signal transmission control at the same time, such as PTZ and zoom control; which further simplies the installation.


    Where To Use HDCVI CCTV?

    HDCVI Cameras very useful where HighDefinition CCTV Cameras require at Lowcosts and all areas like Banks, Hotels, Restaurants, Residential Buildings, Apartments, Flats, Police Stations, Public Areas, Various Government Sectors, Private Sectros, etc.