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How does CCTV help?:
The use of CCTV resides in three different purposes. These three different purposes are known as the trio engines of CCTV and it help to create a safer environment for your home and for your family a safer place to dwell and live in.

Firstly, CCTV helps to deter.

With its strong and menancing look, it keeps those with ill intentions at bay because human beings; generally are afraid of being monitored. Especially when they have ill intentions, they might choose not to carry out their intent because of the surveillance that is shed on them. Like what we always believe "prevention is better than cure", CCTV serves the purpose of that. We also realise that upon installation of CCTV, loanshark activities cut down over a period of time as loanshark runners are afraid of being monitored and caught by local authorities.

Secondly, CCTV provides the ability for you to monitor your home,

If the kids are doing their homework, or if the maid is doing her job well, live over the internet or iPhone. It gives you the ability to be omnipresent and knowing that home is just a click away.

Thirdly, CCTV serves to act as an evidential collection device.

In the event that something happens rest assured that there will always be evidence captured in the recorders. As you might be busy at work and do not have time to monitor the CCTV footage, there is always an easy reference of activities over the last 1 month in your hard disk drive.

Ultimately, to achieve the three purposes is our aim for all of you and your family. We have a dedicated team of experts that will help you deploy the system and configure it to tailor to your needs.