About Us


Security is the main concern in the society, every part of the world today. It has emerged as an important element of life assurance and comfort. News can be heard highlighting security stories everyday.

CCTV is one of the famous solutions to ensure security at public areas and even for retail owners. Video security professional systems have always been extremely propulsive business especially if the company endures sometimes quite trenchant pretensions of the security market and launches its efforts into the development zone.


DECADE TECHNOLOGY started with one objective in mind, to be the best in providing the total security solutions and services in the security industry. We planned our future directions based on our findings of the immediate and pressing needs of the region.

The combination of Engineering, Information and Communication Technology, with our services and intellectual property delivers a total working solutions that addresses your full security needs.


Our services include:

  • Surveillance CCTV Systems & Remote Monitoring.
  • High Definition CCTV.
  • IP camera.
  • PELCO Matrix System & Network Configuration.
  • Access Control System/ SmartCard/ Finger Print.
  • Time and Attendance System.
  • Burglary Alarm.
  • Network Cabling.
  • Fiber Optic Transmission System.
  • Computer & Network service.

Mission and Vision

Innovative and intelligent security systems that simplify our lives and enable us to have a comfortable living environment. We think from the customers' point of view, so that we can continue to provide the most satisfactory services for our customers based on core values of integrity and diligence.


Achieving Our Mission

1. Perseverance
2. Quality
3. Passion for Technology
4. Good Customer Relationships